Our Unique Process

"The true quality of our floors lies within our processing."

Lumber Selection

Beginning at the tree, we source our lumber from only environmentally friendly sources. Eco certified, salvaged or privately farmed woods are tracked through our processing from start to finish allowing each floor to come with a "Certificate of Origin".

Controlled Kiln Drying

Woodland Flooring Wood Drying Kiln

We hand select the planks for width and grade, and kiln dry them in our gently controlled lumber dryers. Final moisture contents of 6% to 8% are achieved in order to offer a product that will perform best in most North American home environments. This is very important when kiln drying wide plank woods for interior home use. Commercial lumber dryers normally kiln dry to between 12% -18% moisture content, which would cause excessive shrinking and gaps in the floor. Commercially dried lumber should never be used for wide plank flooring.

Custom Staining

Woodland flooring shop

At Woodland we treat every floor like a piece of furniture. Penetrating oil-modified stains are hand-rubbed into each board to enhance its natural grain and character. Helping our customers select the correct stain color to enhance the wood and interior decor of their home is a service we take great pride in offering. Sample boxes are produced with a nominal charge for this service.


Our Green Finish

Saicos Coated Wood

We pre-finish our floors with SAICOS Hardwax Oil. A natural plant based Oil and Wax finish, specially imported from Germany. This uniquely aesthetic finish is applied and brushed into the woods surface prior to UV Oven drying. It is 99% VOC Free and offers exceptional durability, while remaining flexible enough to withstand the dynamics of wide planks, softer woods and seasonal expansion and contraction. It is guaranteed not to crack, peel or flake?ever! The Hardwax Oil finish is resistant to household stains of beer, wine, and soda and is fact to saliva. It can be cleaned with water or our Wash and Care Cleaner, which contains a dilution of water and natural vegetable oil soaps. Heavy Duty cleaning of high traffic areas can be performed with our Liquid wax Cleaners. This unique product is similar to a car wax and contains Carnauba (the main ingredient in the floor finish and hardest wax in the world). Applying the Liquid Wax Cleaners to the floor will clean any micro scratches and rebuild the finish with the Carnauba wax. This system of maintenance will offer a way of keeping the high wear areas fresh and increase the longevity of your flooring for years and even decades. Touch up of damage can also be spot repaired or scuff-sanded and a gentle light buffing with The Hardwax Oil - field finish. This system of maintenance is not available with standard urethane systems that require a complete sanding to bare wood, and is unique to natural oil and wax finishes.

Packaging & Delivery

Hardwood flooring Comox Valley

Each floor is then carefully packaged to exact square footage requirements, shrink wrapped with cardboard protection and shipped to your curbside, direct from our factory.

Our commitment to our customers is in the quality and service we provide.



“We believe there are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile”


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