Pacific Coast Maple Floors

Pacific Coast Maple (also known as Big Leaf Maple or Broad Leaf Maple) has beautiful figuring grains with more color variation than Eastern Maple.

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Its color tones range from lighter tans through medium browns and can incorporate many variations of figuring and color depending on the age of the tree.

It's common for each floor to have some variations of birds eye, swirl, flame and ribbon effects in some degree and quite magical how every floor is different from the next.

The floor shown here is custom tinted in one of our Country Brown tones and is a mixed width of 3¼” and 5¼” wide planks.

Pacific Maple is a fine-grained hardwood and similar in density to American Black Cherry. It is softer than Eastern Hard Maple and produced in mixed widths from 3 ¼”, 5 ¼” and up to 7” wide planks.

Our Pacific Coast Maple is sourced locally from mostly Vancouver Island private farmlands and woodlots practicing sustainable forestry.

As a faster growing hardwood, our Maple is another example of a rapidly renewable resource in our forests that offers good economic value without compromising our environment.

Premium Finish

All of our flooring is pre-finished with SACIOS "Hardwax Oil" from Germany.  This non-toxic, with zero VOC's, professional grade coating allows the resins to enhance the natural beauty of the rich maple wood. It also makes for more wearable and easily maintainable flooring.



Maple Flooring Samples

Natural stain
Mixed widths

Natural Maple Wood Flooring

Chestnut stain
Antique Distressed

Antique Distressed Maple Wood Flooring

Antique Brown stain

Maple hardwood flooring antique stain

Coffee stain - Rocky Mountain Resawn

Country Brown stain - Rocky Mountain Resawn


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