We’re going to be famous(ish)!

loliOkay, okay, maybe not famous, but we are going to be on TV!

Woodland Flooring is being featured on W Network’s new show Love It or List It Vacation Homes this spring. Make sure you like our Facebook page and join our email list so we can keep you in the loop about when the episode will air.

Love It or List It Vacation Homes will pit celebrity designer Dan Vickery against hot-shot Realtor Elisa Goldhawke as they try to sway homeowners to either keep their newly renovated home or sell it.

One of the homeowners to be featured in the series requested that her floors be sourced from local, eco-friendly flooring, and so we got the call! You can read all the inside scoops about how it all came about here.

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Don’t worry . . . we promise we won’t let the fame go to our heads!