Woodland Flooring to be featured on Love It or List It Vacation Homes



Shhh . . . I’m not supposed say anything, but . . . WOODLAND FLOORING IS GOING TO BE FAMOUS!

Okay, okay, maybe not famous but at least on TV. If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll let you in on some of the details about our upcoming debut on W Network’s new show Love It or List It Vacation Homes.

love it or list itThe back story
(or how Love It or List It and Woodland Flooring are set to be the next “it” couple)

For those of you unaware of the Canadian network’s Love It or List It (LILI) shows, the popular franchise pits well-known designers against hot-shot Realtors as they try to sway homeowners who must make a choice to either keep their newly renovated home or sell it.

In LILI Vacation Homes, designer Dan Vickery (HGTV’s Design Star) and realtor Elisa Goldhawke square off at beautiful locations across Ontario and BC, each armed with a list of “must-haves” to influence the vacation homeowners’ decisions. Production began at the end of August and the series is scheduled to air in Spring 2016.

The inside scoop
(or why this match made in Hollywood North was destined to be from the start)

2Admittedly, I wasn’t what you’d call an avid fan before the producers came a-knockin’, but when they described the situation, my interest was piqued. As part of the show, the various vacation homeowners have to provide a list of essentials requirements for their home that’s to be renovated. Apparently, one of the owners said that they had to have eco-friendly, local flooring, and upon doing research the producers found out about Woodland Flooring.

Because we are a 100% BC company using 100% BC wood that is sustainably harvested and eco-friendly, we fit the bill perfectly. As a result, our products are going to be featured in two of their Love It or List It projects.

The now and the future
(or “You had me at the word ‘hardwood’”)

4In November, the LILI production crew, director, producer and designer/host Dan Vickery came to our facility for filming. They spent a few days here shooting the various aspects of our production and loved the fact that we do all our work on-site, from kiln drying and planing to finishing and staining. In fact, one of the crew was so excited about our unique product and production methods that he’s returning with his wife to order some flooring for their own place!

Like any new relationship, there have been challenges – production schedules, deadlines, needs and desires being met – but, all things considered, everything is going very smoothly. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We haven’t yet received word about when in the Spring our episodes are scheduled to be aired. As they say in the biz, stay tuned!